The Triode Board

The Tetrode Boards

Control and Protection
for your
RF Power Amplifiers

Protect your tubes
and help them deliver a high-quality signal.

Tried and tested - now over 2000 in use world-wide!


More about the
Triode Board

Download the
User Manual


More about the
Tetrode Boards

Download the
User Manual

'Universal' Control Units for your Power Amplifiers

  • Versatile - use with many different tubes.

  • Ideal for your new amplifier
    or a 'drop-in' upgrade for your existing PA.

  • Configurable for all your special requirements.

  • Professional Instruction Manuals with detailed
    'how-to' instructions

  • Personal backup from the designer.

Order direct from GM3SEK

WARNING - the "G3SEK Triode Boards" currently for sale on eBay are FAKE!

Updated 18 October, 2016
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