The Triode Board

The Tetrode Boards

Control and Protection
for your
RF Power Amplifiers

Protect your tubes
and help them deliver a high-quality signal.

Tried and tested - now over 2000 in use world-wide!

After 20 years these products are nearing the end of their design lifetime and some parts are becoming harder to find,
so we are giving a whole year's notice that the Tetrode Boards and the Triode Board will be 'retired' from the market
by the end of 2019.

Support for existing customers will of course continue beyond that date.

More about the
Triode Board

Download the
User Manual


More about the
Tetrode Boards

Download the
User Manual

'Universal' Control Units for your Power Amplifiers

  • Versatile - use with many different tubes.

  • Ideal for your new amplifier
    or a 'drop-in' upgrade for your existing PA.

  • Configurable for all your special requirements.

  • Professional Instruction Manuals with detailed
    'how-to' instructions

  • Personal backup from the designer.

Order direct from GM3SEK

WARNING - the "G3SEK Triode Boards" and "G3SEK Tetrode Boards" advertised on eBay by Eastern European sellers are FAKES! I will only provide help and technical support for my own genuine boards.

Updated 13 December 2018
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