The Tetrode Boards

Control and Protection
for your
Tetrode RF Power Amplifier

Tried and tested - over 1000 in use world-wide!

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More 'Tetrode Technology'

'Universal' Control Unit for your Tetrode Power Amplifier

  • Protect your tetrodes, and help them deliver a high-quality signal.

  • Versatile - use with either one or two tubes, including 4CX250, 4CX350, 8930, 4CX400, 4CX600, 4CX800, 4CX1000, 4CX1500, 4CX1600A
    (or single 4CX1600U/GS23B, YL1050/2/6 etc. with minor modifications).

  • Ideal for your new amplifier - or a 'drop-in' upgrade for your existing PA.

  • 'Universal' grounding - use with grounded cathode, screen or control grid.

  • Regulated and adjustable screen grid supply with current source/sink capability.

  • Regulated and adjustable control grid supply.

  • Screen-grid currents monitored for fast, sensitive fault detection. No risky grid fuses!

  • Grid-current derived ALC and overdrive protection.

  • Controls your High Voltage supply for safety and tube protection.

  • Built-in 12/24V DC relay supplies.

  • Sequenced relay switching.

  • Metered screen and grid currents.

  • Two compact PC boards (both 5in x 4in - boards can be stacked).

  • All power rectifiers and smoothing capacitors on-board.

  • Configurable for all your special requirements.

  • Detailed 'how-to' instructions in 50-page User Manual.

Download the complete Tetrode Boards Manual (900KB)

  • New users:  find out all about the Tetrode Boards
  • Existing users:  update your manual here!

Updated 9 March, 2014
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