The Triode Board

Control and Protection
for your
Triode RF Power Amplifier

Tried and tested - over 1000 in use world-wide!

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Russian GS35b triode


'Universal' Control Unit for your Triode Power Amplifier

  • Ideal for your new amplifier -
    or a 'drop-in' upgrade for your existing PA

  • Simple wiring to one compact PC board

  • Protects your Triodes, and helps them deliver a high-quality signal

  • Versatile - use with either one or two tubes, including 3-500Z, 3CX800, 8877/3CX1500, GS35b, GI7b, TH308, YD1336 

  • Easy to build - detailed 'how-to' instructions in 38-page User Manual

  • Highest RFI immunity - high-level CMOS logic, extensive RF filtering, groundplane shielding

  • Designed for 'key-down forever' reliability

  • Compact - only 5.7 x 3.3in (145 x 84mm) 
    Height above chassis can be as low as 1.5in (38mm)

  • Tried and tested - over 900 in use world-wide, with many different tubes from Top Band to microwaves, and from 3CX100 to 3CX10,000!
All on one PC board
  • Cathode bias supply:  adjustable 3-33V, precision regulated up to 2.5A or more

  • Grid and anode current metering, with meter protection

  • Status output to four LEDs

  • Relay TX/RX switching

  • Warm-up timer - also controls your High Voltage supply

  • Grid current and HV monitored - fast trip circuits protect your triodes

  • Anode current monitored for surge protection - also controls mains to your High Voltage supply

  • 12/24V DC supply for external relays (uses external mains transformer).

Download the complete Triode Board manual (700KB)

  • New users: find out all about the Triode Board
  • Existing users: update your manual here!

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