WARNING - ifwtech.com is a hijacked website! 

It is not connected with Ian White, IFWtech Limited (UK) or G/GM3SEK



I am Ian White, the owner of IFWtech Limited, also known in amateur radio by my callsigns G3SEK and GM3SEK.

My company formerly owned two domain names, ifwtech.com and also ifwtech.co.uk. Owing to the incompetence of our former ISP, the registration for the ifwtech.com domain was not renewed. When the registration expired, it was harvested by a company in Taiwan who then demanded 'ransom money' to buy it back. 

I refused that demand, and moved all of the IFWtech and G3SEK websites to ifwtech.co.uk - where they still are.

More recently, the ifwtech.com domain name has been sold to a succession of companies that use it as an advertising portal. At times, these pages have included topic headings such as "Antennas", "Yagi", "Power Amplifiers", "Power Supplies" which were clearly copied from my real website, to make it look like something of mine.

To see the real IFWtechG/GM3SEK websites, click the links above.

If you see any old links to ifwtech.com on other people's websites, please e-mail me. You will find the address on my real sites, at ifwtech.co.uk.


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