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RF Power Amplifiers

The Triode Board
PC board for Triode PA control and protection
Download the complete Triode Board Instruction Manual

The Tetrode Boards
PC boards for Tetrode PA control and protection
Download the complete Tetrode Boards Instruction Manual

Tried and tested solutions
We have supplied
over 2000 Boards and Kits in the past 15 years
to customers all around the world.

Order online, direct from the designer

Power Amplifier Design and Operation

Clean Signals

Tube PA Design and Construction

Sequencing and Relay Switching

RFI Filters


Sad to say,
is no longer available

If you're still looking for a copy, set a permanent 'Watch' for the title on

Front Cover

Corrections and updates


The DG8 - a low-cost, high-performance masthead preamp for 2m

As published in Radcom Plus, issue 1.


VHF/UHF Long Yagi Workshop

VE7BQH Yagi Performance Tables Updated regularly
The 'world standard' benchmarks for Yagi performance on 50MHz, 144MHz and 432MHz.

Stacking Yagis for the Same or Different Bands

Optimizing the SteppIR 3-Element Yagi for 6m
Improve the 4-element 6m beam with a dedicated 6m reflector.


DUBUS - the 'must read' magazine for serious VHF/UHF DXers


In Practice

Thanks to everyone for reading and contributing to this column since 1993.

There will be no more monthly 'In Practice' columns, but these web pages will continue to be updated.

The 'In Practice' pages
More information about ongoing topics

Cost-effective Ferrite Chokes and Baluns
Latest version of the extended Radcom article

More about Ferrite Chokes

"The Problem Solver"

Best of 'In Practice' on the web
Articles and resources of long-term interest

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All 207 monthly columns, indexed by topic



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